OVERVIEW BOOST™ MAX is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly floor finishes that dramatically improve the appearance of floors while also providing cost savings. BOOST™ MAX has impressed facility managers with tremendous gloss retention in extremely demanding environments for the past decade. BOOST™ MAX was developed by WMG to completely replace the ongoing and costly maintenance requirements associated with traditional acrylic floor care programs while providing a slip resistant surface.  One thin coat of BOOST™ MAX lasts an average of 3-5 years in high-traffic environments without any buffing or recoating. The labor savings allow janitorial staff to focus on other important cleaning and sanitizing duties that are increasingly important in schools. Additionally, the use of BOOST™ MAX saves a tremendous amount of water, electricity, labor, and chemicals that can have a negative impact on staff, students, and the environment.

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The Saint Michael-Albertville High School, located in St. Michael, Minnesota, conducted an initial trial of BOOST™ MAX in 2014. The goal was to monitor how long one coat of BOOST™ MAX floor finish would outperform the current acrylic floor finish on their terrazzo floors. The floors are in very high-traffic areas of the high school and include two main entrances, the cafeteria, and the main lobby. The initial BOOST™ MAX trial was led by the Director of Building and Grounds, Terry Zerwas, who was responsible for maintaining over 1 million square feet of flooring across 8 different schools. The acrylic floor care program that was previously in place required a very large amount of energy to maintain each year. Every summer, the janitorial staff scrubbed all floors in the schools and refinished them with an average of 2-3 more coats of acrylic. “It took a Case Study in School lot of labor and overtime pay, the gloss would diminish, and traffic patterns became visible within the first 30 days,” says Mr. Zerwas. Additionally, the acrylic floor finish looked very inconsistent, had darkened, and had no remaining shine. (See photo below). This worn-out acrylic finish was stripped/removed from approximately 10,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring and replaced with BOOST™ MAX in the summer of 2014.


After five years, the single coat of BOOST™ MAX high-performance floor finish that was applied by a local flooring contractor still looks great. The gloss is still high and there has been no buffing, stripping, or recoating. The only area that shows any need for a recoat is under a small number of high-top chairs that were missing floor protectors. This could have been avoided with the use of recommended chair tips. Even so, the area of need accounts for less than 10% of the areas coated five years earlier. The repair process involves a very simple maroon pad scrub and reapplication in the damaged area. SUMMARY Maintenance procedures simply involve dust mopping, spot-mopping, and auto-scrubbing with water (or aqueous ozone) only as needed. “I was skeptical at first, but the result speaks for itself,” says STMA High School Day Lead, Shane Kern. “We even tested stripping the BOOST™ MAX that was applied in 2014, and it came off easier than the acrylic floor finish,” says Mr. Kern.


BOOST™ MAX contributes to the overall health and safety of an educational facility. How so? BOOST™ MAX create a complete, monolithic membrane over a floor surface that is free of pores and therefore resists viral and bacterial growth. Additionally, there is NO BUFFING required in the maintenance of flooring sealed with WMG coatings. According to “Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in HealthCare Facilities” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2019): “A variety of airborne infections in susceptible hosts can result from exposures to clinically significant microorganisms [that are] . . . disturbed. . . . [and] subsequently disbursed into the air” No buffing means cleaner air for students, teachers, janitors, and all other staff and visitors. By saving a significant amount of labor, time, money, and energy, BOOST™ MAX allows the janitorial staff of schools to focus on sanitizing and disinfecting aspects of the facilities that tend to be overlooked (especially when the flooring requires a lot of time and attention). Now more than ever, ridding schools of germs and preventing future illness is a top priority