School Janitorial: Stop Waxing Your Floors

Schools and campuses, try our “Better Than Wax” floor coating that lasts 3-7 years. Call today for details!

Boston Metro: BoostMAX Slip Resistant Nano Sealant 

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The perfect floor coating for schools!Why wax when you can BOOST MAX? Remove the need to clear out classrooms and offices, year after year, for a wax floor coating that scratches, and wears after a few months. BOOST MAX is the future of floor coatings and lasts 3-7 years -providing clear financial benefits and a return on investment by year 2!


Works on any floor type

  • Replaces annual strip and wax
  • Lasts 3-7 years
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain